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Flaming Lips – Southern Comfort Music Festival 2007

You are probably asking yourself, why rock, burgers and beer? Well the concept is simple: lend me your ears while I share with you my summaries of local rock bands, while allowing your taste buds to explore the best burger joints and local breweries in town.

I have always been a fan of rock music, especially watching live performances.  From a rock fan perspective, here’s my journey while report you news on the up and coming local rock bands.  Whoever said “there’s no rock scene in San Diego” probably doesn’t even exist in the first place.


Charburger – The Habit

Even though regionally we are known for Mexican food, there are several burger joints worth exploring.  There’s nothing about a delicious and mouth-watering fresh all beef patty with layers of flavors, melted cheeses; downing it with a Diet Coke® even more satisfying.  The Burger Hunter’s Diary continues here: San Diego Edition and beyond.

Lastly we’ll cover your palate covering over local breweries and watering holes.  My commentaries of a wide range of pales, lagers and everything in between.  So crack open a new craft, poor into a frozen mug and let this journey begin.


Damn what a delicious beer indeed…Abbot Ale – Greene King

Welcome to Rock, Burgers & Beer.

Thanks for reading!  Feel free to reach out to me for any local musicians, rock bands, talent, media tips or anything worth investigating into.

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Now that wasn’t so bad!

Launch date: 12.31.2013.


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